Seacoast Science’s chemical sensors use polymer filled micromachined capacitors to measure the dielectric constant of an array of selectively-absorbing materials. Capable of detecting vapors of organic compounds and inorganic gases, each device has ten sensors on a single chip, with several different coatings for redundancy and interferent rejection.


Modular Chemical Detection System (SC-210)

The Modular Chemical Detection System is designed to provide the basic parts necessary to incorporate a chemical sensor into an existing network or device for demonstration purposes.

   SC-210 Detection System

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Polymer Catalogs

Our polymers are licensed under U.S. Patent No. NRL-LIC-05-13-179 issued to the United States of America, as represented by the Security of the Navy for the absorption of chemical analytes leading to detection and identification of such chemical analytes.

   Polymer Catalog

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Ink Jet Systems

The SC-IJS Ink Jet System for Sensor Coating uses the latest in Ink-Jet technology. The station has been designed specifically for coating chemical sensors and is compatible with a wide range of solvents and polymers.

   Ink Jet Systems Brochure

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Portable Mini Gas Chromograph

Seacoast Science, Inc. is leading the way in field portable gas chromatography. Our Mini-GC features an oven-less heating technology with fast heat up and fast cool down times. Sensing is performed by our micromachined (MEMS) proprietary sensor array technology and integrated platform.

Bulk Collector

The number of white powder calls across the nation has continued to grow, and how first responders react to and collect the particles is becoming increasingly important and costly. Seacoast Science, Inc. has developed a new portable powder evidence collection kit, the SC-V10. This kit is designed for high-efficiency collection of powder evidence.

Designed as a modular system the device consists of a reusable vacuum handle with detachable single-use collection nozzles and accessories. This modular design makes the collection process easy, while reducing potential cross-contamination and exposure to the user.