Bulk Particle Collector

The number of white powder calls across the nation has continued to grow, and how first responders react to and collect the particles is becoming increasingly important and costly. Seacoast Science, Inc. has developed a new portable powder evidence collection kit, the SC-V10. This kit is designed for high-efficiency collection of powder evidence.

Key features of the SC-V10 include hand-held operation, battery power, and replaceable front-end evidence traps, intended as one-time use collectors. This front-end is a self-contained, filter system that traps particles into a removable, resealable laboratory (glass) vial, thus providing the analytical team with easier sample handling. The different nozzle attachments allow the users to collect from different surfaces.

The SC-V10 collection kit contains a reusable pump handle, three (3) pre-sealed collection nozzles, end caps for front and back of nozzle to protect the collected trace evidence in transport, and an extension hose with control wand for the hard to reach areas. This new vacuum improves the capability and efficiency of collecting powders, while isolating the evidence for later analysis.