Portable Mini Gas Chromograph

SeaPort Mini-GC


Seacoast Science, Inc. is leading the way in field portable gas chromatography. Our Mini-GC features an oven-less heating technology with fast heat up and fast cool down times. Sensing is performed by our micromachined (MEMS) proprietary sensor array technology and integrated platform.

Seaport Mini GC


  • Low power requirements
  • Direct injection or automated sampling
  • No carrier gas required
  • No consumables
  • Small internal volume
  • MEMS based technology
  • 10 minute scanning for most analytes
  • 5 minute wait time between samples
  • Rugged design and MilSpec casing
  • Interface with computer running Logger Pro software
  • Polymer coated columns
  • Easy to use with standardized software
  • Tailored for your application

Vernier Mini-GC Plus


Seacoast Science has teamed up with Vernier Software and Technology, a leading provider of scientific technology for educators, to provide teachers with latest and most advanced analytical tools.

Seaport Mini GC Plus

About the size of a shoe box, the Vernier Mini GC Plus is the second release of our advanced MEMS sensor technology. Our detector along with a custom designed software-controlled internal flow and heating system, allow for the use of normal room air as a carrier gas. This makes the system ideal for use in class rooms.

More information can be found on Verrnier's website:



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Seacoast Science’s mission is to develop an internationally recognized chemical detection system for use in industrial, government, and chemical warfare situations.