Portable Mini Gas Chromograph

SeaPort Mini-GC


Seacoast Science, Inc. is leading the way in field portable gas chromatography. Our Mini-GC features an oven-less heating technology with fast heat up and fast cool down times. Sensing is performed by our proprietary sensor technology and integrated platform.

Seaport Mini GC


  • Low power requirements
  • Direct injection or automated sampling
  • No carrier gas required
  • No consumables
  • Small internal volume
  • Chem-resistor based technology
  • 10 minute scanning for most analytes
  • 5 minute wait time between samples
  • Rugged design and MilSpec casing
  • Interface with any laptop Seacoast's polymer coated columns
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Easy to use with standardized software
  • Interface with Vernier’s Vernier Instrumental Analysis® app
  • Tailored for your application


Type SeaPORT Mini-GC
Carrier Gas Required None
Detection Principle Chem-resistor Sensor with ppm sensitivity and customized interface
Principle Size/Weight Small/ 3.1 Pounds
Detection Level 0.1 ppm
Dynamic Range 0.1 - 500 ppm
Ease of Use Simple
Operating Temp. 5ºC to 40ºC
Operating Humidity 0 to 90%, non-condensing
Dimensions (DisplayModule) L9.0 x W11.0 x H5.0 in.
Fixed Volume Injection Capability 0.5 - 20 microliter
Warranty 90 Days Parts and Labor
Accessories Liquid injector, carrying case, Laptop Computer.

Vernier Mini-GC Plus


Seacoast Science has teamed up with Vernier Software and Technology, a leading provider of scientific technology for educators, to provide teachers with latest and most advanced analytical tools.

Vernier Mini GC Plus