Liquid Collection System

The Liquid Collection System was developed as an accessory kit to support collection of liquid samples using Seacoast Science’s SC-V10 pump handle.

  • Custom engineered flow cap that prevents sample aerosols from escaping the capture vessel
  • Range of vessels from 100ml – 1Liter
  • Flow control valve to manage sampling rate
  • Sections of chemically resistant tubing to extend the reach up to 3m (~10ft)
  • Quick connect couplings provide secure, easy connections between all components
  • Variety of nozzles to select from for collection
Liquid Collection


  • Variety of available collection vessels with standard GL45 bottle screw caps
  • Quick-couplings for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Modular design to allow user flexibility for special sampling situations
  • Four types of nozzles
    • Open-end nozzle ~ ⅜” ID, ½” OD
    • 40x40 mesh (<0.5mm) prefilter to screen unwanted debris
    • Angled, fine tip (⅛” ID)
    • ¼” OD narrow collection nozzle (24-inch long) for collection from drains or narrow mouth containers


  • Collection of liquids or slurries from surfaces, vessels, or drains
  • Liquid evidence, environmental samples
Liquid Collection Carrier