Ink Jet Systems

The SC-IJS Ink Jet System for Sensor Coating uses the latest in Ink-Jet technology. The station has been designed specifically for coating chemical sensors and is compatible with a wide range of solvents and polymers. The coating station can be used to apply polymers to nano-scale sensors, to individual cantilevers, and to sensor arrays with films a few nm thick. A variety of ink-jet nozzles are available to provide drop sizes from 30 up to 100 micron in diameter.

The station is capable of delivering 10s of picograms of material per drop. The station is computer controlled and a single drop can be placed on demand or at a designated rate from 1 to 1000s per second. This allows the station to be capable of providing consistent and reproducible coatings while reducing the amount of coating material needed.

Ink Jet System

The standard 30 micron ink jet head provides precise drop placement control

Ink Jet System

Drops as small as 35 µm can be placed on individual cantilevers

Ink Jet System

Capable of coating sensors in an array

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